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Are You Desperate for relief of Elbow Pain From Tennis Elbow, (Lateral Epicondylitis)?  A revolutionary NEW Tennis Elbow Treatment is at Hand, The Helpful Hand™ Tennis Elbow Brace.

Get a Great New Tennis Elbow  Brace, The Helpful Hand™, an Exciting New  Tennis Elbow Treatment

A common type of sports medicine injury is tennis elbow, which can cause severe elbow pain. Tennis elbow is another name for lateral epicondylitis, or elbow tendonitis. It is an overuse injury caused by repetitive contraction of the forearm and wrist muscles. Elbow pain results when inflammation or tiny tears occur in the tendons that attach the forearm muscles to the bone at the outside of the elbow. People at risk for tennis elbow  include anyone who frequently grasps objects or tools, people such as mechanics, dentists and dental hygienists, carpenters, surgeons, hobbyists, gardeners, athletes who use rackets, golf clubs, hockey players,  artists, painters, people who write frequently, etc.

What makes The Helpful Hand™ the superior tennis elbow brace for tennis elbow treatment?  It's because other more conventional tennis elbow braces can do only one thing, immobilize the body part. The Helpful Hand™ tennis elbow brace can do that and more. The Helpful Hand™ actually treats the cause of tennis elbow by reducing the need for strong repetitive pinch and grasp. It does this by holding most objects for you.

The Helpful Hand™ is the only tennis elbow brace available anywhere that helps you hold most objects so that you can let your inflamed tissues rest and heal. You can now use your tools, rackets, or golf clubs with a relaxed grasp, which puts less strain on the injury.  Less stress on the injured tissue means faster healing and less elbow pain. Tennis elbow can be very serious and can require surgery. The sooner you begin with your tennis elbow treatment, the better your chances of a complete recovery, with reduced chances of recurrent elbow pain.


Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

  • Pain at the outside of the elbow
  • Weakened grip
  • Pain when gripping objects
  • Pain when lifting or extending the wrist or fingers
  • Pain when lifting fingers or wrist against resistance


Compare the Helpful Hand™ to Other Tennis Elbow  Braces

The Helpful Hand Supports & Immobilizes Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Improves Function of Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Reduces Fatigue in Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Minimizes Pain, Increases Personal Independence, Accelerates Healing

Tennis Elbow Treatment

Typical tennis elbow treatment can range from conservative to requiring surgery in severe cases. It usually involves resting and icing the elbow and wrist, taking anti-inflammatory medication, and eliminating the activities which cause the elbow pain. Usually tennis elbow treatment involves tennis elbow braces, which are forearm straps.  They work by reducing some of the stress that the tendons place on the epicondyle bones during the grasping motion. Sometimes wrist braces are added to the tennis elbow treatment, but neither of these tennis elbow treatments addresses the main cause and main aggravating factor, repetitive pinching and grasping. 

From now on, a new kind of tennis elbow brace, The Helpful Hand™ tennis elbow brace, will be added for tennis elbow treatment. It is like no other tennis elbow brace on the market. It has become the newest addition to tennis elbow treatment protocol because it holds objects in the hand for use. As previously mentioned, excessive grasping is responsible for the elbow pain from tennis elbow. By holding the objects for you, less stress is placed in the injured tissues, allowing them to heal faster. Add The Helpful Hand™ to your tennis elbow treatment. It will make the difference.

Try The Helpful Hand™ You’ll Be Glad You Did

Click here to order the Helpful Hand™ a Revolutionary New Tennis Elbow Brace For Tennis Elbow Treatment!

It’s available only from this web site (or a select few retailers), and comes with this money-back guarantee: Try The Helpful Hand™ for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, return it to us for a full refund.


Free Pamphlet with Purchase
Revolutionary tennis elbow brace
Revolutionary tennis elbow brace

Great brace for tennis elbow
Great brace for tennis elbow

Great new tennis elbow brace for tennis elbow treatment
Great new tennis elbow brace for tennis elbow treatment

What Is the "Tripod Pinch"? Why should you care?
To perform dozens of daily tasks, you must be able to grasp objects with your thumb, index finger and middle finger-a skill known as the 'tripod pinch.' The Helpful Hand™ is the only brace on the market today that helps you do it.
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