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The Helpful Hand Neoprene Support (for mild to moderate support)

Made from the highest quality neoprene for long lasting compression, warmth, and comfort. Designed to help a wide variety of conditions, including post-fracture healing, carpal tunnel, arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis, sprains, etc. Helps your hand work better and feel better. Two sizes fit most: small/medium and large/ extra large

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E-Pamphlet (a $37 value, available for immediate download without buying The Helpful Hand brace): “Strength, dexterity and range of motion activities for the hands.”  More than two dozen ways to improve your hand function, plus tips to prevent a repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, all as recommended by occupational therapists. You can’t get them unless you see your own occupational therapist! From arthritis, carpal tunnel, MS ALS, MD, tendonitis, stroke injuries, after fractures, musicians injuries, general weakness, etc., These exercises are guaranteed to improve your hand function.

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