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It’s Not Just a Brace... The Helpful Hand™ Is Based On Decades of Professional Training and Real Experience With Patients

As a practicing occupational therapist, my greatest joy is seeing the smile of a patient who has regained a physical ability they had lost. And if that means the patient is now pain-free, I am even happier.

For years I’ve known that a better-designed, higher quality wrist and thumb brace could help many of my patients do more—much more—than simply immobilize their injuries. The trouble was, you couldn't find a brace like that.

At Last . . . A Brace that Heals And Helps You Function

So I decided to design a brace myself, drawing on my decades of experience in teaching, evaluating, and treating people with physical and developmental disabilities. The result is a line of braces known as The Helpful Hand™. Whether you need a heavy-duty brace to speed healing or support to your hand or wrist or a softer, lighter-weight brace that supports your weak spot while allowing greater freedom to move or a specialized support for your thumb The Helpful Hand™ is a far better solution than virtually any brace you can find.

Why? Two reasons:

First, I have observed that even while wearing a typical brace, a patient’s injury is often aggravated by using the hand, thumb or wrist. But with The Helpful Hand™ taking much of the stress off the injury, many patients can experience faster, better-quality healing.

Second, most braces do nothing to help your “tripod pinch”—that is, your ability to grasp an object by bringing your thumb and first two fingers together. But with its patented support system, The Helpful Hand™ gives you far more ability to perform many basic, daily tasks virtually unassisted.


Michael Equiban, Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Director and co-owner of Integrated Therapy Specialists, of Morton Grove Illinois, says,” We provide The Helpful Hand™ supports and braces to our patients, and couldn’t be happier with them.  Their quality is outstanding, and our patients really like them. The fact that they help our patients’ functional hand skills, along with giving good support, makes them ideal for a therapy clinic.  I would definitely recommend The Helpful Hand™ for anyone in need of a wrist or thumb support or brace.”

Tiffany Adams of Illinois writes, “my hand is very weak from an accident, but the Helpful Hand™ really helps me use my hand, especially for eating.”

Design Experience, Quality Manufacturing

The Helpful Hand™ is backed by more than just my decades of occupational therapy practice and studies. I personally have designed numerous adaptive devices for people with disabilities, for both personal and work-related tasks. I also hold four patents on rehabilitation equipment.

My hands-on design experience is a major reason why The Helpful Hand™ braces are so advanced. It’s also why I take such a personal interest in how they are manufactured.

I have chosen Core Products (Osceola, WI) to manufacture The Helpful Hand™ based not only on their history of high-quality products, but also on their willingness to follow my design specifications strictly. I am certain you will find that the quality level of The Helpful Hand™ matches its design excellence.

Compare the Helpful Hand™ to Other Braces

The Helpful Hand Supports & Immobilizes Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Improves Function of Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Reduces Fatigue in Hand / Wrist / Thumb, Minimizes Pain, Increases Personal Independence, Accelerates Healing

It’s available only from this web site (or a select few retailers), and comes with this money-back guarantee: Try The Helpful Hand™ for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, return it to us for a full refund.


Free Pamphlet with Purchase
Marc Bennett MS, OTR/L Experience & Education

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, University of Indianapolis Bachelor of Science in Physical Education, University of Illinois

Has worked in:
  • Hospitals
  • Sports Medicine
  • Hand Surgeons’ offices
  • Acute and Sub Acute Rehabilitation centers
  • Physician Inpatient and Outpatient clinics
  • Nursing Homes
  • Public School systems
  • Home Health Care settings
  • Developmental-Care centers
  • Work Hardening
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