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All-New for Your Hand, Thumb and Wrist: A Breakthrough in Healing, Hand Function, Support and Relief from a Wide Variety of Conditions

The Helpful Hand™ Brace Does What the Others Don’t: Grasp Objects for You, So Damaged Tissue Can Rest and Heal

Hello, and Thank You for Visiting,

My name is Marc Bennett. For more than 17 years I’ve been a practicing occupational therapist in the Chicago area. My work with disabled people—teaching, evaluating, and designing solutions for them—began in the early ‘80s.

Even though I've helped thousands of people regain abilities they had lost due to injury or illness, and seen many advances in rehabilitation and pain relief, there’s one thing I’ve often wondered: Why isn’t there a brace that helps you use your ailing hand, thumb, or wrist while helping it heal?

You may have wondered the same if you are dealing with conditions such as carpal tunnel, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or other problems affecting the hand or wrist. You need a brace that does more than just immobilize an injury or support a severely weakened wrist. But until now, that’s all most braces have done, leaving their wearers with a hard choice:

Stop using the injured hand OR
Use your hand and keep aggravating the injury

The Helpful Hand™: The Breakthrough You’ve Been Waiting For

Everyone needs to be able to use their hand, wrist or thumb even when it’s weak and/or painful. That’s why I invented The Helpful Hand™, the only brace that delivers all three major benefits so urgently needed by sufferers of carpal tunnel, injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other problems, namely:

  • Immobilize the hand/thumb/wrist for healing
  • Help you hold many of the everyday objects you need to use to regain your independence
  • Reduce pain and accelerate healing by allowing damaged tissue to rest.

What makes The Helpful Hand™ so different from other braces? First, it’s made of top-quality materials you won’t find in most braces. But the real news is its patented support system, a feature that:

  • pulls your thumb and first two fingers together
  • includes a sturdy, adjustable strap that can hold many objects for you

As a result, The Helpful Hand™ enables you to grasp and hold dozens of everyday objects—utensils, tools, combs, toothbrushes, sports equipment and more—with far less effort. More than just a hand brace, it’s a true aid to daily living.

With The Helpful Hand™ you’ll experience far less pain and fatigue when holding these objects, resulting in better healing for your injured tissue. It’s a real breakthrough in hand/thumb/wrist rehabilitation, and it’s available now, but not just anywhere.

Click Here to Order The Helpful Hand™

You Won’t Find a Brace Like This at Your Local Store

The Helpful Hand™ is unlike any brace you’re likely to find at your local drug store or mass merchant. Even most medical supply stores don’t offer a brace this advanced. What you’ll find at those stores are primarily braces that only immobilize your hand and wrist. And why would you settle for that?

If you are looking for a brace that can really “give you a hand”—that is, give you back the use of a hand idled by carpal tunnel, stroke, multiple sclerosis, or other problems—you owe it to yourself to try The Helpful Hand™.

It’s available only from this web site (or a select few retailers), and comes with this money-back guarantee: Try The Helpful Hand™ for 30 days, and if you are not 100% satisfied with it, return it to us for a full refund.

Click Here to Order The Helpful Hand™

Compare the Helpful Hand to Other Braces.

Compare the Helpful Hand to Other Braces.

Do More, Enjoy Life More: With The Helpful Hand™, You Can!

Life is too short to let hand, thumb, or wrist problems keep you from doing the things you enjoy. Maybe you’ve given up sewing, arts and crafts, your favorite sport, or some other hobby due to the pain. Maybe you’ve had to cut back on your work. Whether the culprit is carpal tunnel, stroke, multiple sclerosis or some other condition, it’s time to fight back!

So do yourself a favor and get The Helpful Hand™. It doesn’t just hold your hand still. It also holds many objects for you, relieves pain and speeds healing by letting your damaged tissue rest. It’s not just the future of hand/thumb/wrist rehabilitation, it can help you live a more physically independent life.

Click Here to Order The Helpful Hand™

Free Pamphlet with Purchase
Continue work with Carpal Tunnel
Continue work with Carpal Tunnel

Writing after a Stroke
Writing after a Stroke

Maintain independence with Multiple Sclerosis
Maintain independence with Multiple Sclerosis

What Is the "Tripod Pinch"? Why should you care?
To perform dozens of daily tasks, you must be able to grasp objects with your thumb, index finger and middle finger-a skill known as the 'tripod pinch.' The Helpful Hand™ is the only brace on the market today that helps you do it.
Who Uses The Helpful Hand™? Anyone... but especially people who rely on their hands most, such as medical and dental workers, mechanics, golf and tennis players, laborers, trades-men, and so many others!
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